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The world’s smallest 5500mAh power bank that sticks to your phone

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Sign up now for the launch day deal of $39 (60% off $99).

The power of vacuum

Experience no cable true wireless charging. The only power bank that makes sense to have suction cups. Engineered to withstand any vertical and horizontal directional force.

No-Cable, True 10W Wireless Charging

AirBank adheres directly to your device, making it the perfect, truly-wireless powerbank.

World?s First Threaded 4-in-1 Cable

We have engineered the perfect charging cable-versatile and ready for anything!

Premium Multi-Charge

Charge multiple devices from one small source!

As Small As An AirPods Case

5500mAh Capacity

Engineered Intelligent IP5332 SoC Chip

Automatic Shut Off

Suction Cup Technology

4 in 1 Magnetic Cable

AirBank comes with 4 adapters and the magnetic cable. There are no fixed USB adapters and all attach via magnet.

Fast 10W Wireless Charging

Attach with the suction cups for fast and efficient 10W charging.

Extend Your

Always be

Travel Without Worry


Simple. Luxury. Power.

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Power Again

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AirBank truly solves the problem of a power bank being too big where the power bank doesn?t even have big enough battery to match it?s big size. This is where AirBank comes in, super tiny yet storing a massive 5500mah battery.

– Jeff

Aside from AirBank’s long list of remarkable features, the coolest one is the true wireless technology, where I take the AirBank, stick it on the back of my phone, and boom, it starts fast wireless charging without any cables, it’s like magic! Add to that, and you get a premium 4 in 1 rare magnetic cable, the first of its kind where the cable can be used for many multimedia devices apart from AirBank, an awesome addition to the AirBank!

– Drake

Super small, as small as my AirPods case, large 5500mAh battery that charges my phone from 0 to 100, cable less suction cup true wireless tech, premium and luxurious feel, fast wireless charging, stunningly beautiful, AirBank is seriously impossible to beat.

– Elisa